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When is the Best Time of Year for Your Chateau Wedding in France?

Deciding on the perfect month for your dream wedding is a big step in your journey towards saying “I do.” While weather for sure, plays a role, there are lots of other factors to consider when selecting the ideal time for your celebration.

We’re here to guide you through all the possibilities for you at Chateau de la Cazine. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of each month:


January -Start the New Year with a bang

January might not be the most conventional month to get married in but it boasts some of its own unique charm for a wedding…


You can start the year as you mean to go on; celebrating your love!

January offers cost effective options and lots of choices available from your suppliers

With fewer travel commitments at this time of year, your guests are likely to be available to take part in your special day


Chilly weather means outdoor events might not be feasible, but it opens up opportunities for cozy indoor gatherings brimming with warmth and romance.


February – The month of love

and when Cupid comes to visit!


Escape the hustle and bustle of Valentine’s Day itself and opt for a wedding filled with timeless romance

Benefit from budget-friendly options, with guests eager to celebrate following the holiday season.

What better day than Valentine’s Day itself to celebrate love?


February weather, like January is going to be chilly! An outdoor wedding is most probably out of the question.

Bride carrying white flowers, long sleeved gown, winter wedding


March –  Spring and the season of new beginnings

As Spring arrives, so do wonderful new beginnings.


Embrace the theme of renewal amidst the burgeoning landscapes of Creuse.

Enjoy ample availability of venues and suppliers, ensuring a super easy planning process.

Capture the essence of spring in your wedding photos against nature’s vibrant backdrop.


Prepare for the variability of spring weather, and take care to organise a backup plan for any outdoor festivities.


April –  A real Springtime affair in France

This month, spring will be in full bloom, offering a stunning backdrop for your wedding.


Discover the charm of Creuse in bloom, with picturesque landscapes setting the perfect celebration stage.

Enjoy better weather conditions and the possibility of outdoor ceremonies amidst the beauty of spring.

Benefit from cost-effective options


Be mindful of potential conflicts with Easter holidays and early vacation plans, ensuring guest availability.

Be sure to have a backup plan in case of April showers.

Pretty Wedding Table Scape with pretty gypsophila

May – A spectacular Springtime Soiree

May emerges as a wonderful choice for those looking to create the quintessential French spring wedding

Make use of our heated pool as temps warm up outside!


Revel in the beauty of late spring, with blooming flowers and extended daylight hours framing your celebration.

Outdoor Weddings are beautiful in May

Secure favorable pricing and availability still while still not quite in the thick of wedding season.


Plan ahead to secure desired venues and suppliers, as May marks the onset of peak wedding season.


June – Embrace a Summer romance

June is full of blue skies and warm, sunny days, ideal for a glorious celebration


Revel in the balmy temperatures of June, offering the perfect climate for outdoor celebrations without the sweltering heat.

Honeymoon options at this time of year are endless while Europe heats up and exotic countries are yet to enter monsoon season

If you are superstitious, it’s handy to know June is a lucky month for wedding days!


Anticipate potential conflicts with summer vacations and social events, ensuring guest availability for your festivities.

Bride and Groom on the grounds of Chateau de la Cazine during the summer

July – Summertime bliss

July stands out as one of the most popular months for weddings in France, offering the best season for gorgeous outdoor celebrations.


Opt for a midweek wedding during the school holidays, maximizing guest attendance and creating unforgettable memories. The perfect excuse for a mini vacation!

Indulge in the allure of outdoor festivities, with warm weather and clear skies enhancing the magic of your day.

Capture timeless moments against the backdrop of sun-drenched landscapes,  ensuring unforgettable wedding photographs.


Keep in mind the popularity of  peak season weddings, which might mean higher demand and prices for venues and services. It’s essential to secure your desired choices well in advance.

Since it’s a popular time for vacations and getaways, some guests might have prior commitments or travel plans, so make sure to check their availability early on.


August – Soak up the spirit of Summer

August really is the spirit of a French summer, offering a beautiful backdrop for your wedding


Welcome families and guests to your celebration, as children enjoy summer holidays and carefree days of fun.

Immerse yourself in the warmth of August, with ideal weather conditions and picturesque landscapes framing your festivities.

Embrace the infectious joy of summer, infusing your wedding day with a vibrant and carefree spirit.


Anticipate potential conflicts with holiday plans, ensuring guest availability amidst the peak vacation season.

Remember to cater for the heat too! It’s easy to forget just how high temperatures can soar in August! Prepare with plenty of shady spots lots of delicious and cooling refreshments for everyone


September – Summer’s not quite over!

In France, September is becoming an increasingly popular month to marry..


The fiery temperatures of August have dropped but with a gentle breeze and the sun still shining – outdoor weddings work wonderfully well

Revel in the soft, golden light of September, creating a romantic ambiance for your wedding photographs.

Enjoy comfortable temperatures and breathtaking scenery, perfect for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.


Think about the start of the school year and lingering holiday plans, which could mean your guests aren’t so free

Note that September has become one of the busiest months of the year for weddings so secure your date and suppliers quickly

Warm evenings at Chateau de la Cazine all lit up

October – Embrace the magic of Autumn

The entire estate transforms in October to golds and oranges..


Delight in the vibrant colors of autumn, with crimson foliage and golden landscapes providing a stunning setting for your celebration.

Enjoy cost-effective options and increased availability as the peak wedding season draws to a close.

Embrace the opportunity for themed weddings, infusing your day with the magic of the season.


Prepare for potential fluctuations in weather, – indoor Plan Bs are a must


November – Cosy nights and more golden hues

This month casts a spell of romance offering couples the chance to exchange vows within the warm and cosy ambience of the Chateau


Embrace the warmth and intimacy of November, with festive touches and twinkling lights setting the stage for a magical celebration.

Capture the essence of autumnal beauty, with fiery foliage and crisp air lending an air of romance to your festivities.

Enjoy reduced pricing and increased availability, as November marks the transition to the holiday season.


Navigate the shorter days and cooler temperatures, ensuring a cozy  and romantic indoor setting for your evening celebrations.

Blue and crisp Winter Skies at the Chateau de la Cazine Estate

December –  A true winter wonderland

December creates a fairy tale backdrop here at the Chateau and you might just get lucky with a sprinkling of snow..


The party mood is already in the air ready to create the most magical and wonderful backdrop to your big day

Christmas Themed weddings in a traditional French chateau are just spectacular!

Celebrating your anniversary this time of year makes it even more special


December might already be an expensive and busy month for your guests, so plan ahead to make sure they can all come to your celebration



There is no right time to get married at all, and the most important factor of all is that the season feels right for the two of you!


Why not choose the Chateau de la Cazine?

After choosing your month, the fun begins as you start narrowing down choices for your dream venue.

The Chateau de la Cazine is a beautiful 19th Century Estate in picturesque Creuse, France, just 40 minutes from the international airport of Limoges. We can accommodate weddings indoors for up to 80 guests, and outdoors up to 150. Plus when you book your wedding here, you’ll have exclusive access to the entire estate, with its 18 luxury suites and Honeymoon Penthouse Suite which means the Chateau becomes home from home for you both and up to 35 of your guests.

 Book a viewing trip or virtual tour here. We can’t wait to show you around!

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