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Top Tips for Choosing your Wedding Caterer in France

It’s always a pleasure to share insights with our couples, especially when it comes to something as crucial as choosing the right wedding caterer. After all, the food at your wedding is bound to linger in your and your guests’ memories long after the celebrations have ended, and who doesn’t love a delicious wedding feast?!

We’ve teamed up with talented Limoges Chef Eric LeClere to create a list of top tips for you to consider when finding the perfect caterer for your wedding in France.


Plan Ahead

Catering services, especially for weddings, tend to get booked up well in advance, around 8 – 12 months prior, and sometimes even more. To ensure that everything falls into place seamlessly, it’s crucial to engage with your chosen caterer well ahead of your big day. This allows plenty of time for detailed discussions, revisions, and adjustments.


Budget Wisely

When delving into menu discussion, the catering service will ask you about the number of guests. The combination of dishes and guest count will determine the price per head, so be prepared with an estimate. Chef Eric says, “Contrary to popular belief, a buffet service is not necessarily less expensive than plated service. Plated service guarantees exactly what portions each guest is served. At a buffet, there is a chance for guests to take advantage, and as with sharing platters, some people will eat more than others meaning there actually needs to be a lot of extra food.”


Guest Count Matters

Determining your catering budget involves considerations like the number of guests, menu choices, and additional elements like table decor and drinks. A practical approach is to speak with a few catering services to gauge the average costs for your requirements. Once the average cost is established, plan for a buffer to accommodate any unexpected increases.


Exploring Add-Ons

Always check with your caterer about additional services like linen, table decor, cutlery, crockery, and bar services. Opting for a caterer that can provide these extras streamlines your planning process. Chef Eric recommends asking your vendors to make recommendations for other vendors they know too; – if they enjoy working together, this helps to ensure a smooth and extra fun day.


Dietary Needs

To avoid any hiccups, make sure to enquire about your guests’ dietary requirements in advance. Opt for a catering service that shows flexibility and can adapt to diverse dietary needs.


Flexibility and Timings are Key

Ensure your catering service is flexible when it comes to the menu and guest count changes. Ask about their willingness to travel, cater to overseas weddings and adapt to reasonable last-minute changes. Chef Eric suggests that one of the most important aspects of getting your wedding banquet just right is getting the timings spot on. You might like to organise the speeches in between courses, which works great, just as long as everyone is aware of the schedule.



Make sure that your catering service provides plenty of servers and bar staff. This is one element that often gets overlooked and is one of the most important services your caterer will provide to you.


Food Choices

A couple of top tips from Chef Eric are in regard to your menu choices:

  • Try to steer away from fried foods unless you hire a food truck service who specialise in this
  • Ice Creams and Sorbets are a dessert best kept out of the summer months unless you hire a specific vendor for this.

Pretty Wedding Canapes

Now onto some of the crucial questions you, as a customer should ask:

Menu:  Request a sample menu and find out if the catering service are flexible with the menu options.

License Check: Always confirm that your caterers are insured, licensed and have a SIRET number enabling them to work in France.

Dietary Requirements: Check that your service can confidently cater for all dietary requirements.

Check first hand reviews:  Google reviews are a great place to check for real couples opinions.


We hope these tips resonate with you as you embark on the exciting journey of planning your dream wedding!

Here at Chateau de la Cazine, we understand the significance of choosing the perfect caterer. Should you decide to host your celebration with us, we’d be delighted to share a fantastic list of our handpicked favourite caterers.

Whether you’re leaning towards the laid-back vibes of food trucks for your after-party, envisioning sumptuous fine dining, or craving the authentic flavours of traditional French cuisine, we’re here to point you in the right direction.

With special thanks to Chef Eric LeClere for his insights and culinary expertise! Explore his offerings here, where you can discover his exquisite menu and services, ensuring a delectable feast for your special day.

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