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Are you Dreaming of a French Chateau Winter Wedding?

Winter weddings here at Chateau de la Cazine hold a special place in our hearts. There’re something very magical about this season with its cosy, romantic ambiance, twinkling lights and warm glow of candlelight against the backdrop of dark skies. Winter weddings at our chateau give you the opportunity to really indulge in some elegance and style, providing you with the chance to choose from lovely rich colour palettes, festive decorations and of course, a fabulous winter dress code!

So, if you’re thinking of a winter wonderland wedding at our chateau, here are our top tips to ensure your celebration is brimming with the warmth, love and romance you’ve always dreamed of..


Embrace the Warmth of the Chateau

Firstly, we’ll make sure that our chateau exudes warmth for you, even on the chilliest of days. When you visit Chateau de la Cazine between November and February, you’ll always find a warm and welcoming environment with heating that guarantees a comfortable and snug atmosphere.  Our inviting suites provide the perfect place for your preparations, and our main event spaces, ideal for your wedding ceremony and reception, will be sure to keep you and your guests toasty. This means that you can shed your jackets and enjoy the celebration without worrying about the cold.


Candlelit Winter Weddings

Welcome the Rain or Snow

Don’t fear the weather, embrace it! After all, rain can fall any time of the year, but once you step inside the chateau,-  the contrast with the cold outside only amplifies the coziness indoors.  Sometimes the dreariest of days can create exceptionally romantic photos so consider bringing with you some umbrellas or even a pair of fancy wellies to make the most of the weather’s artistic potential!

Snow, though rare, really does transform our chateau into a breathtaking wonderland. Rest assured that we are well-prepared to handle all weather conditions, from clearing the driveways to spreading salt on the pathways.


Illuminate your Celebration with Candlight

For a winter wedding at Chateau de la Cazine,  you can never have too many candles! The magical effect of candlelight is unmatched. If you opt for a December wedding, you can consider adorning the chateau with Christmas Tress full of twinkling lights and pretty baubles, which will add to your festive feel. (Please note that we permit open flames, but it’s always good to check with us for specific guidelines).


Plan your Travel Routes and Allow Extra Time

For those of you with loved ones travelling to your wedding from further afield or abroad, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your schedule. Make sure that flights are booked with enough travel time, especially if the weather conditions hint at potential delays. This thoughtful planning will help ensure that your guests arrive comfortably and without any stress, ready to settle straight in to the celebrations.

While most of our couples tend to hold their ceremonies right here in the Chateau, some opt for a traditional church ceremony. In these cases, try to allow ample time for everyone to make it back to the chateau so that you can all continue on with your special day seamlessly.

Festive Table Decoration for winter weddings, pine cones, greens and burgundy

Indoor Backdrops for a stunning Celebration

First impressions are always so important and our chateau offers both stunning indoor and outdoor spaces. With shorter winter days and the unpredictability of the weather weather, having beautiful indoor options is essential for creating a flawless celebration.

Our gorgeous salons each boast floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the rooms with natural light (which is great for your photographer!) What’s more, our chandeliers can be dimmed to set the perfect mood for your day.

A touch of seasonal flowers, a wintry colour scheme, and a sprinkling of twinkling lights are all it takes to transform your dream of a winter wedding into a reality.

Bright pinks and reds with a festive Wedding Cake complete with seasonal berries at one of Chateau de la Cazine's Winter Weddings
Photos: Sylvain Harrison

If the magic of a Chateau de la Cazine winter wedding has capture your heart like ours, we’re here to bring your dream to life. Contact us to explore the possibilities, ask questions and start planning your unforgettable celebration. We can’t wait to be part of your love story!




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