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Guide to Planning a Magical Outdoor Chateau Ceremony

We’ve had the joy of sharing in countless outdoor wedding celebrations here at the Chateau over the years and  it’s easy to see why so many couples make the choice to celebrate “al fresco!”

There’s something really magical about celebrating your love against the backdrop of the chateau and the beautiful French countryside that surrounds it.

Here, we’re giving you a simple guide to help you plan your dream outdoor chateau wedding, from styling inspiration to practical advice and more..

A Picture-Perfect Spot

When planning your outdoor ceremony, the location is a crucial choice. Make sure that your chosen spot can comfortably host your guests, and is the perfect spot for photography opportunities.

At Chateau de la Cazine, you can exchange vows with panoramic views of the French countryside and lakes with our grand redbrick chateau as the stunning backdrop. Opting for an outdoor ceremony also pairs perfectly with an outdoor champagne or cocktail reception on our terrace because it ensures a seamless transition from the ceremony into celebration.

Couple walking down their aisle during their outdoor wedding ceremony at Chateau de la Cazine
Couple walking down the aise during their outdoor wedding ceremony at chateau de la cazine with their wedding guests

Styling Inspiration

One of the best things about an outdoor chateau ceremony is that it often requires minimal decoration because the Chateau and scenery’s natural beauty already serve as such stunning backdrops.  If your’re keen on adding a personal touch, consider incorporating the chateau’s picturesque surroundings into your styling. This could involve highlighting the natural elements of the area and creating an extra focal point with a gorgeous flower arch or utilizing the chateau’s seamless indoor-outdoor flow to create your aisle with sweeping vistas all around.

Couple getting married outside the Chateau de la Cazine with amazing views over the lawns and lakes in the distance. Their friends and family are gathered to watch as well as their pretty bridesmaids

Perfect Timing

Outdoor ceremonies are a delight, but they do come with weather considerations. Early summer or early autumn make great choices here in Central France. These seasons typically offer mild comfortable weather.

Summer weddings are beautiful and allow for the added bonus of organising extras like pool parties and BBQs. For the summer season, with temperatures soaring, a good tip is to consider starting later in the day to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. A pretty, twinkling evening wedding is always stunning beneath the starry skies and the glowing Chateau.

Winter weddings at our chateau offer a unique beauty, especially when the snow falls! But, it’s best to keep the ceremony indoors in the warmth and just venture outside for those picturesque photo opportunities.

Whenever you decide to host your wedding, it’s wise to be prepared for all possibilities. Mother nature can be unpredictable, so having back up plans in place for potential rain is a smart move. Depending on the size of your wedding party, we can offer beautiful indoor space as a contingency or consider the set up of a marquee. A marquee not only provides shade from the sun but also shelter from unexpected rain showers ensuring that your special day goes of without a glitch.

Couple saying their wedding vows during their outdoor ceremony at Chateau de la Cazine with blue skies and lush French countryside as their backdrop

Newlyweds celebrate with their best men and bridesmaids during a photo op outside their Chateau de la Cazine outdoor wedding ceremony
Photos: Miss Paris Photo

Practical Advice

Here are a few practical tips that are essential for making sure everything goes off just perfectly, so think about:

  • Guest Comfort –  Let your guests know in advance about the outdoor setting so that they’ll know to bring appropriate clothing. Hats and sunglasses are a must for sunny weather!
  • Timing –  Think about the timing of your ceremony to try and avoid the hottest parts of the day
  • Seating and Shade – Provide shaded areas, especially for summer ceremonies and ensure ample seating for your guests. Fans and parasols are a nice touch.
  • Weather Preparations – Monitor weather forecasts leading up to your ceremony and supplying back up umbrellas is always a thoughtful gesture in case of rain.
  • Scenery –  Choose the ideal direction for your ceremony- facing the lakes or facing the Chateau, both make fantastic backdrops

We hope that our guide to planning an outdoor ceremony is useful to you! If you still aren’t sure as to whether you want to opt for an outdoor ceremony, our Grand Salon, Petit Salon, Breakfast Room or pretty Library all offer intimate indoor locations and can accommodate up to 120 seated guests.

For more wedding inspiration, decor ideas and wedding planning tips, check back on our blog as we continue to add to it.

Keep in touch with us on Instagram for updates and feel free to reach out anytime with any questions or help you might need.

Father walking the bride down the aisle at an outdoor ceremony at Chateau de la Cazine with the red brick building as the backdrop

Newlyweds saying their wedding vows under a canopy surrounded by nature during their outdoor wedding at Chateau de la Cazine
Photos: Christine B Photography

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