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French Wedding Traditions: Adding a Touch of History and Charm to Your Chateau Celebration


We love the fact that you can enjoy putting on a fabulous 21st-century celebration in a historic venue that is over 100 years old, (over 1000 years old if you count our Petite Chateau across the way!) We think there is something especially magical about being able to add your own names and occasion to all of the history of the grand Chateau de la Cazine.

And with that in mind, here, we are excited to tell you all about some of the historic traditions and customs of French weddings and who knows, maybe you’ll feel inspired to embrace some of them as your own during your very own Chateau wedding?

The Bouquet Toss

Bride and her Bouquet

We have a slightly different custom here in France when it comes to bouquet throwing. It’s a bit more of a peaceful affair where instead of tossing it over your shoulder and hoping one of your single friends will catch it, the bride will very calmly and graciously gift her bouquet to one of her friends or family members who is also getting married (sorry all the single ladies!) This lovely gesture symbolises passing on all the good luck and happiness you’ve received on your special day to the next bride.

The Croquembouche


If you read our previous blog, you’ll know a little about our famous Croquembouche already. It’s a delicious tower of cream-filled profiteroles stacked up high into a cone shape and drizzled with caramel. It’s normally made to measure so that there are plenty of profiteroles for each guest and the good luck tradition here is for the bride and groom to reach up over the top of the tower for a kiss. If they manage, it’s said they’ll enjoy good luck forever…
What’s cute is that this tradition dates back to the middle ages when wedding guests would’ve each brought along a small cake to stack and share.

The Midnight Feast

French Onion Soup

“Le bal des gateaux” are the snacks that come out late into the night after all the dancing and you’ll find a mix of sweet and savoury dishes served, like cheeses and sweet pastries. A delicious and comforting bowl of hot Onion soup is normally on the menu too!

Le Cortege

The French wedding procession is a little different from elsewhere in that the groom’s mother will often escort him down the aisle much in the same way that it’s traditional for the bride’s father to walk her down the aisle. It happens just after all the guests have seated and is often a touching moment for mums and sons to show their appreciation for each other.

White Ribbon

One sweet tradition often found in smaller French villages is that the wedding celebrations begin with a procession of guests coming to collect the bride from her home to accompany her to the ceremony. On the way, friends and family hold out white ribbons for her to cut through, symbolising the bride overcoming any obstacles married life might bring.

Today, the tradition has evolved a little and often, couples will end their ceremony by stepping through a white sheet with a heart shape cut into it.

Father Daughter Dance

This is one of our favourite traditions and has a slightly different spin on the usual father-daughter dance we see elsewhere in the world. The evening party usually begins with this dance and halfway through, the father gives the bride away to the groom so that they will finish it together, (tissues at the ready!)

Champagne Fountain

Champagne Fountain Outside

This is a quintessential French tradition that evokes feelings of decadence and luxury. It seems no one is entirely sure how this craze really kicked off but it’s believed it was sometime around the late 17th century and popularized during the reign of King Louis XIV who was known for his wild and extravagant parties.


Bride and Groom Sabrage tradition at the Chateau de la Cazine

This is an exciting custom where the groom will theatrically swipe the cork off the champagne bottle using a sword! This became popular in France back when Napoleon was visiting lots of aristocratic chateaus and celebrating his victories.  Nowadays it’s just a fun way for us all to start our wedding celebrations!

Coupe de Mariage

One more Champagne-based tradition! Lots of couples will bring out a “Coupe de Marriage” which is a beautifully ornate silver cup with handles for the Bride and Groom to share their champagne,  it makes for a lovely keepsake.

Sugared Almonds

Sugared Almonds Wedding Party Favour

This tradition is thought to have actually originated in Italy, but it’s been around so long in France too (since the 1500s) that we thought we could still include it! Known here as “Dragées,” sugared almonds remain a popular choice for wedding favours, and they have a beautiful meaning, – the custom is to give 5 little almonds to each guest because each one symbolises, health, wealth, happiness, longevity and fertility.

Wedding Fireworks at Chateau de la Cazine
Photo: Valerie Teppe

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about some of our most charming wedding customs and if you were looking to add a little more French flair to your big, day we hope we’ve inspired you!

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