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Networking with Local Wedding Suppliers: A Celebration of Community and Creativity at Chateau de la Cazine

With the wedding season fast approaching, we seized the opportunity to gather together with our local suppliers for an afternoon of networking, brainstorming, and celebration! It was a great chance to connect with the masterminds behind the magic – the talented musicians, photographers, florists, celebrants, designers, and visionary stylists and artists – all of whom play a crucial role in bringing to life the most beautiful of events. We relished in the diverse blend of expertise and creativity, a true representation of the perfect team who can work together to make your dream day a reality.

Wedding Suppliers lunch at the Chateau de la Cazine


Suppliers in the wedding industry work a lonely job despite being surrounded by people all the time! As suppliers ourselves, we know how important it is to have a supportive network of colleagues. That’s why it’s important to us to try and bring everyone together every now and again. It’s not about us or our business, but rather about creating a sense of community in an otherwise sometimes solitary job and we are grateful for the opportunity to connect with our peers, share experiences, and offer a listening ear to those who may need it. We truly believe that every connection made can have a profound impact on our industry.

Photos of Wedding suppliers Lunch at the Chateau de la Cazine



After having some time to catch up and enjoy a delicious lunch, a select few of us were in on a really well-kept secret..

The Chateau had been secretly collaborating with Paula, head of Singing Waiters in France, a company of 60 singers across France who specialise in delighting couples and their guests with unexpected and thrilling performances.

Just before dessert was served, one of “our” waiters, caused a bit of a commotion by knocking over an ice bucket, capturing everyone’s attention. Just as we began to feel sorry for the poor waitress, she suddenly pulled out a microphone and belted out Robbie Williams’ “Let me Entertain you”, igniting the room with her powerful voice and infectious energy. We couldn’t help but join in with the singing and dancing creating a wonderful moment of joy that we are sure everyone will remember! Such fun!

Singing Water at wedding suppliers Lunch Chateau de la Cazine


After sampling Davinia’s delicious wedding cake we rounded up the afternoon with a tour of the Chateau to showcase some of our favourite spaces, including our Petit Chateau, grounds and gorgeous honeymoon suite. Héloise and Angéline even took a dry dip in our pair of roll top baths!

Angeline and Heloise Roll top baths

Our networking event was a wonderful reminder of the sense of community and support that lies at the heart of the wedding industry.

It was a joy to see old friends of the Chateau and to make new connections, and we were left feeling inspired and uplifted by the talent and passion of everyone who attended.

As we prepare for the season ahead, we feel confident in the knowledge that we are part of a community of talented professionals who are dedicated to making each and every wedding and event a truly magical experience.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Local Wedding Suppliers photo at the entrance to Chateau de la Cazine

Thank you to everyone who participated and a special thanks to Angéline for supplying the table décor, Estelle for her flowers and to Valérie and Nastasia for capturing these lovely photos of the afternoon for us.

We have included links here to each of the talented suppliers who joined us at our networking event, so that you can explore their incredible work and get a sense of their unique styles and offerings. We hope that you’ll find inspiration and ideas that will help you create your own dream event.

And, of course, if you are considering hosting your occasion at the Chateau de la Cazine, we would be delighted to hear from you!


Wedding Suppliers:

Singing Waiters in France

Valérie Teppe Photographer

Nastasia Papiez Photographer

Natalie Evans Photographer

Katy Lunsford Photographer

Estelle Rouille Florist/Celebrant/Event Planner

Agellos Event Planner/Designer

Chloebelle’s Cakes

So Hélo Jewellery Designer/Stylist

Kevin Baker Celebrant

Samantha Bramley Classical Musician

Sarah Springham Classical Musician

Affinité Beauté  HMUA

Nancy Elevation HMUA

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