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Tips for Planning your Chateau Wedding in 12 Months or Less

Did you know that research has shown that couples spend up to 300 hours planning their weddings? There’s no doubt that organising your big day can, at times, feel like a full-time job! But, if you don’t have the time to take the planning at a slower pace, don’t panic. Planning your dream wedding is certainly doable, even if you  feel you are short on time. Keep reading for advice on how to efficiently plan your perfect wedding and save time without compromising on your special day.

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Keep an Open Mind on Dates

One of the most crucial factors to consider is the availability of your dream venue but what is sometimes overlooked is the availability of all your other suppliers! Sometimes couples will want to pick a date for saying their vows that holds significant importance; like the anniversary of their first meet or date and these sentimental connections often make a date feel special. But, if you’ve already set your heart on a venue, and your preferred date isn’t open, it can be one of the first road blocks when it comes to planning your wedding. Keeping open minded when it comes to picking your wedding date can offer you more advantages than just saving you time. It will give you the opportunity to consider off-season months which can make it easier for you to secure your venue at a more budget-friendly cost plus it will make it easier for you to coincide your venue booking with all of your other vendors too.  Remember, whichever date you finally choose will create a whole new significant meaning to you as it becomes  another unique date as part of your love story.

Celebrate in One Place

Opting for a single venue will mean there’s no need to fret about coordinating dates and times between two separate places. At Chateau de la Cazine, we offer ideal settings for your entire wedding, both indoors and outdoors and with accommodation included for you and 37 guests, so you can relax knowing you can turn up with your loved ones and just enjoy your celebration.

Give Your Guests Plenty of Notice

“Save the Date” cards are typically sent out to your guests anywhere from six to twelve months before the wedding. Then, you’d follow up with formal invitations around 6 to 8 weeks before the big day. When planning a wedding super speedily, there’s a chance you may have to skip the “save the dates” and send the invitations straight out, sooner rather than later. This is especially important if you’re planning a destination wedding.  Whether you’re sticking to a grand celebration or opting for an intimate affair with a smaller guest list, its always a good idea to inform your guests as soon as you’ve secured the basics, like your wedding venue. This way, they can get to making their own arrangements to join in the joy of your big day.

Wedding Planning

Embrace Teamwork

Enlisting the help of trusted friends and family in the planning process can help to spread the work load. They can help you with researching and coordinating various elements that need to come together for your event. For instance, one person can focus on finding the right photographer, while someone else tackles the floral arrangements. In no time, you’ll streamline your research and put together your dream wedding team.

And remember, when you choose Chateau de la Cazine as your wedding venue, we’re here to support you not only with the location, but also with a comprehensive list of supplier recommendations, making it even easier to put together.

Get Shopping!

Once your suppliers and venue are booked, the hardest part it finished! The next steps are all about finding your wedding outfit and jewelry, party favours and gifts and these are the most fun parts!

Wedding Day Prep Flat lay- Chanel Perfume, Invitation and Menu, Jewellery

Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner or Coordinator

Finally, if it all gets a bit much and your budget allows, investing in the assistance of a planner or coordinator can be a huge help. Wedding planners already have all the essential contacts in place, know all the tricks of the trade, and will be able to get things moving for you extra quick. You’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that all the organising is happening behind the scenes leaving you to relax and enjoy the big build up.

If you are considering a wedding here at Chateau de la Cazine, please get in touch. We have a handful of dates still open for 2024 and we’d be thrilled to help get you started on your wedding planning journey. With some good organisational skills and great suppliers, planning a last minute wedding is easier than you think, we promise!

Begin the adventure toward your dream French Chateau Wedding now! Kick start your planning with our complimentary 12-month wedding checklist. 

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